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October 22, 2022

Kambo & Toad Medicine retreat

22nd of October 2022

This retreat is for beings who have worked on themselves before.

We will do it again. As the last two retreats have been outlooked so fast, we offer another amphibian retreat on the 22nd of October 2022.

I gonna work with Kambo & the toad medicine on a deep level of shadow work and it will be embedded in bodywork, breathwork and integrative embodiment. ZOOM calls for integration will be provided up to 2 month after this retreat with breathwork sessions and co-regulation practices.

Spaces are limited as this work is only possible with having a few people in the space. Intimacy – „intimate I see …“.

You will hold space for each other while my assistants and I will hold space for all of you. You will be able to reveal yourself in an intimate private atmosphere …. being witnessed in all parts of yourself which wanna be seen … „All of You is welcome here“ 💕🐸

Application only through medical application form (see chapter Bufo).  After viewing the form, we will provide a first personal phone call to get to know you more.

Booking through contact form

Year 2022

Podcast-The wisdom of darkness

EPISODE 1: Sharing about Bufo Alvarius & Co, with Initiated Bufo alvarius Practitioner Natalie

Are we opening Pandora’s box with Plant Medicine? We are happy to share this constructive exchange in which we shed light on the dark side of Plant Medicine with you. We want to bring the other side of the coin to light and not categorize it into right or wrong.

In months of exchange with each other, we have decided to step out with the project „Wisdom of Shadow“. After working intensively with and on each other, we share our insights and findings. We have already walked a long healing path, be it through embodiment, somatic or psycholytic therapy, plant medicine and so on.

We are happy to take you on a journey into our respective universe, which expands into a multiverse. Micro and macrocosmic we want to zoom into or out of certain topics to illuminate them from a deep or even higher perspective. We care about the treasures and diamonds that are buried in the sacred darkness and we distance ourselves from the blindness of the light.

With love and gratitude for your trust
Natalie & Vasanthi
(Life has initiated us)

-IAKP certified Advanced Kambo Practitioner
-Initiated Bufo alvarius Practitioner
-Psychedelic breath©

Vasanthi Angela:
Alchemical divination guide according to Ralph Metzner
Yager Code – Subliminal Therapy according to Dr. Yager

We often observe independently that the light trap, i.e. escape into love and light, triggers a lot of lethargy in the spiritual scene. A feeling of necessity sometimes spreads within us, mixed with anger, horror and sadness. Are we really here now, while it is about a collective retraumatization, to lose ourselves further? By illuminating the darkness, we want to create balance, to offer the possibility to explore with each other the totality. We don’t want to lecture you, but share our wisdom and take you on a journey into the depths of darkness. Thus we open a space and a field which serves self-knowledge, self-reflection, integration, wisdom, awareness, expansion of consciousness, self-acceptance, self-love and thus the becoming whole, the perfection.
With our project „Wisdom of darkness“ we want to address the following topics:

5D, Transformation, Unconditional Love, Spiritual Ego, Duality/Non Duality – Indifference / Displacement, Embodiment, Expansion, Incarnate instead of higher, further
Illusions of visions, dimensions, spiritual matrix and its manipulations, spiritual bypassing, patriarchal spirituality (higher, further, more), distraction instead of being active, ego structures, ego dissolution, integration, splintering of the self, living spirituality here and now in the body, Divine Goddess, gurus, shamans and co, higher vibrations, devaluation of anger, enlightenment = darkness and light

Expansion of consciousness through substances
Ceremonial hopping, integration, shadow sides, other entities, consumption, exploitation and business, mystical experiences, healing or just trips, illusions of visions, spiritual, psychedelic ego? Higher, further, up and down vs. embodiment and arriving

Shadow work, soul parts and integration, perfection, becoming whole
Triggers, prejudices, self-reflection, self-knowledge, recognizing mirrors

Femininity vs. The deep feminine current
Misogyny (misogyny, socio-cultural attitude patterns), social programming / inprints, imposed masks, personas, slut shaming, condemnations, archetypes, cyclical being, meaning of femininity, separation from the body and from oneself, separation from each other through envy, jealousy competition, what is behind the masks, wounds in sisterhood, reasons manipulation of women, femininity and receiving

Patriarchy vs. matriarchy / balance / relationship woman and man.
Linear, cyclical, archetypes, two different races, understanding and giving space to each other, society, manipulation and oppression, toxic masculinity, toxic femininity, men and misogyny

Authenticity, personas, masks, roles, condemnation
Divine Godess, gurus, business, beauty craze, profiling, our vulnerability, fears and insecurities

Manipulation, pornography, trauma and violence, polygamy, manipulation, trauma hidden behind sexual fantasies, proclivities, consumption and wounding of man’s wife, sacred sexuality, devotion

Collective (macrocosm)
Trauma, manipulation, multidimensional war, programs, infiltration/infiltration, individuality vs. conformity, conformity, what is happening right now while so many look the other way, collective trauma and retraumatization

Death, life, rebirth and dying
Home and Arrival

Trauma / Healing / Healing Path
Body of pain, mother / father wound and hatred of women / men, wound among women, triggers, addictions, escape, meaning of healing and trauma

I AM – here and now
Consciousness, present moment, personification vs. consciousness, ego structures, micro and macrocosm of one’s being, multidimensionality, healing through I AM?


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