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February 18th, 2023

Mini amphibian retreat

We gonna host a beautiful deep mini retreat and I feel deeply honored to offer deep sacred Kambo sessions, Otac medicine and a belly2belly meditation session.

We gonna start our journey on the
18th of February 2023
with Kambo, working on meridians, ears, chakras and more, individually chosen.

I am specialized in body trauma work and spiritual work with these medicines. You gonna be accompanied by singing, drums and instruments. Held, seen and guided to feel safe enough to go deep into your process.

We gonna work on you as well with Rape and Sananga. After a resting time you are guided into the Otac medicine and we gonna end with a belly2belly partnered breath meditation.

“Belly2Belly is a profoundly simple partnered meditation practice that relaxes our bodies, opens our hearts, and puts all our fears to rest.

To meet the primordial human need to be together in silence, and allow the ancestral wisdom alive and available in our bodies to have the time and space to be heard, and deeply felt.” “Breathing, sounding on the outbreath and synchronizing the breath creates deep trust, love and surrendering.”

I become present and transmit presence… I don’t do healing for somebody else as healing comes from the love that is spread and shared in this breathing, sounding and synchronizing container. I don’t share with the participants what they should feel but I show them where to look for.

Facilitating belly2belly I am love, I transmit love, and we creating all together a field of love… infecting everyone in there with love in what way ever that might look like… as love is so needed in this world.

Deep breath. Contact us for further information.
Much love.


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