Dark field microscopy/ live blood analysis

The dark field microscopy or also called live blood analysis goes to the scientist Prof. Enderlein (1872-1968) back.

Prof. Enderlein discovered that both the entire environment of the body and certain microorganisms have a decisive influence on a person’s state of health.

We in our center work according to the teaching of Scheller/Enderlein/Beaumont.

In dark field microscopy, a small drop of blood is usually examined

For examination, a special dark field microscope is used, which, due to a special lighting technology, makes much more particles and structures visible than with a normal „light field“ microscope. This allows you to get a detailed overview of the quality of the blood as well as the overall condition of the body.

A dark field blood diagnosis can thus provide clues to:

• Changes in red and white blood cells as well as platelets

• Disorders of the acid-base balance

• Circulatory disorders

• Lack of oxygen

• State of the immune system

• Nutrient deficiency

• Parasitic biofilms

• Lyme disease and co-infections

• Heavy metals

• Candidiasis

• Mold pollution

• And many other disturbances!

We look at the blood drop taken over several hours to observe the changes in the blood cells and to discover structures that are not present at the beginning, but only show up after some time.

Depending on the findings, we create a therapy plan with the aim of rejecting the changes found in the dark field-vital blood examination. Detox programs with natural means and also frequency therapy are used.

It also makes sense for the client that a new dark field examination can show him which changes have already taken place and where it is still appropriate to continue the therapy.

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