Our accommodations at our center in Costa Rica

We are located in the beautiful abundant mountains of Nosara with pure nature with see view. The next beach is 10 min away. Outside of retreats, we offer our guesthouses for rent to human beings that want to experience to be lived by nature and the elements. Our guesthouses are furnished with natural wood and lovely artwork, all have terraces and natural privacy. Equipment like smoothie mixer, eco water tank, coffee machine, laundry machine, cattle and air conditioner is available as well.

To reach our beautiful place, a car with 4X4 is needed or a quad. Depending on your condition e-bikes are working as well.

This place is for people who have chosen freedom, evolution and selflove. Even outside of a retreat you can book breathwork classes, dance therapy, colonics, cosmetic treatments and 1:1 sacred medicine sessions. This place has beautiful spirits and we are more than happy to have people up here that are open to experience nature in its most authentic way. Monkeys, birds, amphibians and insects are living here with us in the most respectful way and love for each other.

So your personal experience is only a breath away… right here… behind the thin curtain…
Pura Vida

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