Bufo substance


The substance 5-MeO-DMT is part of the secretion of the Colorado toad Bufo alvarius, which lives in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico, among other places. The inhalation gives us the opportunity to experience a connection to the divine essence, but also to gain awareness of our own and comprehensive duality, which for me is always the key to transformation.

The direct experience of the comprehensive unity and identification with the universal consciousness always makes me full of reverence and love for this energy and with this love I accompany other people through their process.

This substance is not usually included in the banned lists of addictive intoxicants, which means that the consumption of the substance is prohibited in many countries around the world is completely legal and it is in these very countries that I offer this wonderful experience.

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The Colorado toads (Bufo alvarius) are trapped to obtain the secretion extracted from their glands. The toads are then released back into the wild. I take care to purchase the substance only from sources that treat these wonderful creatures ethically.

Experience with BUFO Alvarius is not to compare with synthetic drug experiences, neither energetically nor on the level of consciousness. Experience with Bufo Alvarius is not a trip and I work exclusively with people who are willing to develop. The toad has immigrated to millions of years of evolution as a bearer together with humanity. In the secretion of Bufo Alvarius are not only 5-MEO-DMT, but also buffoten and numerous other compounds. The secretion is not synthetically imitable and thus unique. Therefore, the experience is not psychotic nature, but accurate and absolutely precise.

After inhalation, the journey takes about 15-20 minutes of earthly time, a thorough consultation with me prior to this experience is absolutely necessary. I also explain contraindications, a written questionnaire is to be filled out. This is the only way to make this wonderful journey safe, and safety and security in this deep work is my top priority. The „after-glow effect“ can last for another 30 minutes, this is where the experience is processed.

Integration talks and exercises follow, my team and I offer breathwork and embodiment as special integration tools. We also offer regular online support for a further 2 months.

The participants usually describe their experiences as the most intense spiritual experience that they were ever allowed to experience.

The journey will be experienced beyond the sensory perception and I learn you, among other things, as it will be described, for example, in the Tibetan Dead Book as the original clear light. The personal identity and the „ego“ are dissolved, one experiences the condition of „all and nothing“, the „universal consciousness“ beyond time and space can be experienced. I would like to emphasize at this point that everything can be experienced here. I teach non-duality in macro awareness, the confrontation with its own darkness is absolutely possible and necessary. Bufo Alvarius opens all the gates, including those to their own shadows. Therefore, it is essential to have already done own work before working with BUFO. For example, I only work with people, who sat with me for Kambo, breathwork or in retreats.

I work with Bufo in a feminine way, which means I offer several doses in a row, always before sunset as daylight is my most nurturing energy. The spirit gives me the dosages for each participant, the first journey is often there to make tender contact with the energy. As I am involved in every process, I always have at least one assistant who keeps up with the room soberly. So I can accompany each individual deep into their processes. I hold the torch of light in their darkest moments, holding space for them on their way to their own wholeness. You’re never alone.

Life after this experience can change, new ways can be taken. One remains to mention one here and comes from my own experience for years with spiritual medicine: No medicine of the world takes us the responsibility for our own healing process! So if you are ready to take responsibility for all parts of you, if you’re curious about your shadows,  I’m looking forward to meeting you and hold the space for everything that wants to be seen.

All of you is welcome here.

Start your journey to be fully you and trust that everything happens for you, never against you

Bufo is not a cure-all – not a conventional medicine, not a recognised healing method according to the views of western recognised medicine.

During the Bufo session, your assistance is needed, because only in this way can a holistic approach be guaranteed, at the end of which is your well-being.


Fantastic sources: www.bufoalvarius.com