A shamanic ritual

We fell in love with this wonderful plant of the gods and have been offering cocoa ceremonies with love and total since dedication 2019.


Cocoa ceremonies have been gaining popularity in recent years.

The cocoa ceremony is a shamanic ritual. Founded by the Olmec culture, it has a long tradition among the Mayas and Incas. The ritual aims to help us achieve clarity and self-determination, to release existing blockages and to create inner harmony. In addition, a cacao ceremony contributes to our grounding and more appreciation of Mother Earth, which seems to be becoming more and more important, especially in today’s times. True to the motto: „Back to Mother Earth, back to nature.“

The indigenous peoples are said to have created the ceremony as part of their efforts to correct the imbalance between humans and nature. A cocoa ceremony is something extremely loving, sensual, fantastic and magical. We can understand right from the start that cocoa has its own consciousness; Deva, goddess of cacao decides how the ceremony goes and we always get what we need with full confidence.

We fell in love with this wonderful plant of the gods and have been offering cocoa ceremonies with love and total dedication since 2019.

Why a Cacao ceremony?

Cacao is an ancient medicinal plant that can help us connect with our true selves or our inner teacher. Regular cocoa consumption, provided it is pure cocoa, can have many psychological and behavioral benefits.

With cocoa, a higher consciousness can be attained, even a greater centering of our heart energy. Cacao often has a supportive effect on our emotional or energetic healing processes.

If we get in deep contact with cocoa, it also stimulates creative processes. It is therefore always a good idea to have a book with you for your own notes when going to a cocoa ceremony.

The effect of pure cacao in a ceremony is not hallucinogenic, but is often visionary. A lot of space opens up for emotionality and feeling your own heart energy.

What is a Cacao ceremony?

At the beginning of a ceremony, approx. 30 – 40 g of cocoa are consumed per person in the form of a warm cocoa. We add cayenne pepper, coconut blossom sugar and cinnamon to the pure ceremony cocoa. Each participant drinks the cocoa at their own pace. We accompany the ceremonies with singing bowls, live guitar shamanic music, meditation, drums and songs. This helps us to get into a contented, open and connected state.

After that, anything can actually happen. Each person has a personal experience. Our sessions take place in Costa Rica in nature, in Germany depending on the weather conditions in a beautiful, harmonious ceremony room or also in nature.

Always remember: “Every plant has a consciousness. But cocoa is not only a medicine plant but also a teacher plant. This means that this plant also shares its knowledge with us”.

What is there to consider when preparing for a cacao ceremony?

Please eat light food from 24 hours before the ceremony, as dairy products dampen the effect, and follow a vegan diet.

3 – 4 hours before the ceremony, nothing should be eaten and sufficient fresh water should be drunk, as this supports the detoxifying function of the cocoa.

For example, if you take antidepressants, are pregnant or have heart problems, it is not advisable to participate. The natural components of cocoa interact with the antidepressants.

Unfortunately, high blood pressure also rules out a cocoa ceremony, since cocoa can increase blood circulation in the brain by around 20-30%.

We contact each participant before the ceremony in order to work out precise intentions and to rule out contraindications.

Here are a few suggestions for connecting to cacao ceremony?

  • Formulate an intention for your cocoa ceremony
  • Do you have a specific topic that cocoa can help you with?
  • Would you like to get more in touch with your heart energy?
  • What emotions do you possibly want to release?
    Treat yourself to some rest so that you can experience and feel yourself. Everything slowly and carefully
  • Bring a journal to record inspirations and visions of your ceremony; maybe you even want to draw something.

Everything else: „Let it flow….let it go… surrender and trust

We look forward to you