Experience shapes. Time ages us. In addition to external appearance, health is becoming increasingly important.


We have dealt intensively with tools that can help our health and thus also support our fresh appearance. In line with our aesthetic portfolio, we offer you the Applimed O² 1,000 intravenous oxygen application in addition to infusions.

The one from Dr. medical According to the International Society for Oxyvenation Therapy eV (, the therapy based on Regelsberger’s principles is carried out by more than 1,000 therapists.

Society for Oxygenation Therapy eV

About the indications and details of Dr. medical HS Regelsberger in more than 30 years of research developed therapy method - intravenous oxygen application - please inform yourself about the relevant guidelines, forums or about the International Society for Oxyvenation Therapy eV:

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The medical device precisely and reliably controls the administration of medical oxygen intravenously at a dosage of 1 to 2 ml/min. Oxygen is an important building block in complementary medicine.

Oxygen leads to increased formation of the circulation-enhancing and antithrombotic hormone prostacyclin, which is formed in the pulmonary endothelium. There is a strong vasodilation throughout the body (average increase in prostacyclin by more than 800%; work from the Hannover Medical School, Prof. Frölich).

The application of oxygen leads to eosinophilia. With the addition of oxygen, the eosinophilic granulocytes are able to form 15-lipoxygenase-1 from the arachidonic acid cascade, which blocks leukotriene synthesis. The anti-inflammatory effect was confirmed by a work from the Charité Berlin, Prof. Kühn.