Rebirthing Breathwork Costa Rica

Shamanic bioenergetic breathwork / bodywork

A powerful tool for personal growth and transformation.

Shamanic bioenergetic breathing has its origins in the bodywork philosophies that originally arose from Alexander Lowen’s interpretation of Reich and Jung. Interestingly, the same style of breathing is called “round” breathing by the Chinese in connection with Qigong and has deep roots in this culture, although in a very different way. Shamanic breathwork is my interpretation of all the breathwork schools I’ve been graduated over the last couple of years plus a deep intuitive sense and note of my being. It as well contains working with the senses, like essential oils, feather fans, sometimes subtle energetic touch, sound, bodywork/ somatic work, smudging and kinaesthetic elements.

Shamanic bioenergetic breathwork

Shamanic bioenergetic breathing is basically breathing in cycles, and each cycle contains three different types of breath. Every cycle comes with different music, which is there for inspiration. It emphasizes inhalation, which is assertive and full. The first breath type in a cycle does not pause at the top or the bottom of the breath, forming a smooth sine wave. The mouth and throat are open wide, removed from the path of the breath, never shaping or controlling the movement of air. Breathing in through the nose, breathing out through the mouth. Most people attempt to breathe predominantly with their mouth, nose and throat. In fact, it is the body that breathes, and the upper respiratory tract is simply an obstacle course.

In a typical shamanic bioenergetic breathing session, you might work up to a vigorous pace of breathing in the space of 4-5 min, breathing in & out, staying empty for a couple of sec and breathing in with breath hold, slowly breathing out and starting the next cycle.  You’re accompanied from rattles, essential oils, air elements and a lot of more….

I guide groups and 1:1 sessions as well.

Costa Rica Breathwork


I combine this breathing technique with bodywork, which means that, depending on the intensity, emerging emotions and / or topics to be worked on, trigger points are activated on certain areas of the body. Depending on the situation, this can be calming or activating.

Over time we have seen so many fantastic successes and processes with this type of breathing work that I have gone a step further and under the topic of shamanic bioenergetic breathwork I give the breathing person the opportunity to visualize topics during the session. This releases emotions, tensions and much more in these breathing sessions. This breathing work can even be coaching with the formation of a new path in life.

Activating the chakras with the help of this breathwork is also possible and often so necessary and helpful. Thus, this type of breathing also opens one of many gates to spirituality.


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