Our frequency therapy according to Rife and Clark

First of all, the following remains to be explained:

The effect of a certain frequency on living cells can increase both oxygen, hydrogen and chlorine ions due to their electrolytic effect. It has been observed that an increase in oxygen leads to an increase in pH by two other alkaline values, which implies that in the case of diseased cells, an energy overload is generated, which creates apoptosis; at the same time, mitosis is generated in healthy cells, which contributes to the regeneration of the tissues and organs of each type. The research and development of such complex software was a continuous process that took several years to optimize frequencies and intensities to perfection. Although there are many frequency generating devices on the market, there is no approach similar to that of the device we work with: a complex system of harmonic and subharmonic frequency vibrations, modifications and their intrinsic relationship to the time.

Based on this principle of natural biophysics, our device is able to create a specific resonance field that acts on different cell structures of the body, depending on the frequency and intensity parameters used.

An example of great relevance is, for example, the fact that Hela’s cancer cells multiply individually, without communication with neighboring cells, while healthy cells maintain perfect and rhythmic communication throughout the entire mitosis process. Therefore, the healthy body is a body in which all cells can communicate coherently with each other. The generation of very specific frequencies can accomplish this process by using the resonance induction of electromagnetic pulses from a high-voltage plasma.

Depending on the correction frequency, the strength and duration of the cells go into self-resonance. This self-resonance effect is responsible for the observed increase in mitochondrial activity as well as biophotonic activity and intercellular communication. Recent studies indicate that mitochondrial activity increases internal cell tension, which can cause mitosis in healthy cells and apoptosis in diseased cells.

After a detailed preparation program / detox program, individually tailored to the disease, the frequency treatment can then be carried out. The respective protocol of the frequency treatment depends on the underlying treatment.

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