Breathwork Ceremony

Rebirthing breathwork & Shamanic bioenergetic breathwork

Breath as medicine

We take the first breath in at birth and the last breath out when we die. Life is breath and breathing.

Breathwork is a powerful tool that has been used by generations of healers for the recovery and transformation of body and soul. Breath therapy is also becoming more and more popular in modern medicine and psychotherapy.

Breathwork teaches us to give every breath its full capacity and to accept whatever is transferred through the breath.

Breathwork offers the breathing person the opportunity to physically, psychologically, to live spiritually, energetically and mentally in full health.

Breathwork therapy can improve the following:
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Tantrums
  • depressions
  • Trauma and post-traumatic stress
  • Grief and loss
  • Emotional effects of physical illness
  • ..and so much more

In our center we offer Rebirthing Breathwork , Shamanic Bioenergetic Breathwork / Bodywork and Psychedelic Breath®. Which of these methods are more suitable for you or your group can be found out instinctively or/ and after discussion with us. Rebirthing breathwork is often the beginning and Shamanic bioenergetic breathwork is the continuation. Psychedelic breath® is taught by Natalie often with large groups and on ZOOM online. 

Rebirthing Breathwork

„It’s never too late having a beautiful childhood“.

In Rebirthing breathwork we see birth as the first trauma in this life. We also know that there is a fetal consciousness which leads to the embryo perceiving vibrations, fears, joy and much more in the early days of pregnancy.

We also understood that the child chooses its parents, and that before! of procreation. We are our parents! And when we realize that, liberation begins. Then we can free ourselves from our burdens, learned patterns and traumas around conception, growing up in the womb, birth and childhood.

The way a child is born has a decisive impact on further life. For example, c-section children suffer a different type of trauma than, for example, premature babies; Dry births later show different characteristic behaviors than, for example, children who have grown up in a uterus that previously had abortions. The child initiates the birth and thus one can imagine that children whose birth is induced due to transmission or children whose mother has a perineal incision, these measures from the outside as traumatic perceive – “control is taken out of their hands”.

At the beginning of the first rebirthing breathing session, I sit together with the person breathing and talk about the breathing technique, the past of rebirthing, present traumas and possible memories of my own birth. We Rebirther always recommend at least 10 breathing sessions, if possible twice a week for 2 weeks and then once a week.

The optimal goal is when the rebirthee can relive their own birth and thus integrate and learn to love any traumas. Another aim is that the rebirther can “rebirth” himself for life afterwards, with regular meetings with his rebirther.

Depending on your needs and requirements, we also offer hot and cold water rebirthing. In warm water at 37 degrees, there are fantastic opportunities to experience your own birth by simulating the embryo in the womb. In cold water it is more about bringing out current traumas and letting them go in the breath.

Everything that has ever been devalued and suppressed can be integrated with the help of the rebirthing technique. Rebirthing uses the feelings in the physical body to gain access to the unconscious mind. Everything that you have ever devalued and suppressed has left its energetic pattern in the body and has remained there, in a suppressed state, waiting for you to take notice and integrate it into your feeling of gratitude and comfort. Rebirthing breathwork bypasses the conscious mind and thus avoids delays that arise when attempts are made to conceptualize something.

The five elements of rebirthing are:

  • Breathing in a circle
  • Complete relaxation
  • Conscious perception of all details
  • Integration in ecstasy
  • Do what you are doing – readiness is enough

Whenever all five elements are fully represented, integration occurs. No matter how intense an energetic pattern was at the time of the suppression, in the rebirthing session it can already be integrated on a very subtle level.

I look forward to meeting you.
For me every person is a miracle and therefore every breathing accompaniment is a wonderful gift for me.

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