Somatic trauma work / bodywork / embodiment / somatic movement therapy

Your body is your ally, body language always speaks the truth.

Dued to trauma, experiences and often fear we have forgotten about our true embodied felt Yes‘ and No’s. Trauma stucks in the body and the body has a memory. We got traumatized through others and we only heal with others. Being mammals we have a nervous system and we can learn through the body to reset it, to break old patterns and to free ourselves. It’s all about relating openly, communicating our needs and learning to take care for our well-being. This kind of somatic bodywork can bring a new view on sexuality as well so we can be more ourselves sharing this kind of EROS and life force with each other. Psychosomatic dance therapy infuses this concept of somatic work as well.

In retreats Natalie offers new meeting points between human beings and a new step towards or own wholeness.

Natalie teaches around EROS and intimacy and she always shares the sentence „Intimacy means intimate I can see“. She offers couples work and 1:1 sessions in person and as well online. Another big part of her work is leading women circles and group circles.

One of her well-known sessions she teaches internationally is called „The dance of Yes“ and is taught depending on the group energy, always different and yet with the same intention: As mammals we have a nervous system and long for being seen, felt and met.

The Dance of Yes is a beautiful session where we first explore ourselves in slow safe movement practices and then come together with a partner to be held, felt and supported while revealing ourselves in slow movement practices – led by the body felt movement impulses. We follow our „yes“ … we track contractions, we share aliveness, vulnerability and honesty.

A big part of Natalie's work brings in somatic dance / movement therapy.

In movement we can bring up undigested material, shadows, denied parts, trauma, sexuality, desires and so much more.

We have the opportunity to share ourselves non-verbally and the movement by itself helps bringing energies in a natural flow and be expressed in the most authentic, raw and natural form.

Imagine you would be seen, felt and met in exactly the way you are … with all your parts, perfectly imperfect as you are … through sharing yourself openly, speaking and feeling your embodied felt truth in every single moment.

Imagine you could surrender to the present moment, feeling every single detail with and through your senses and not through stories.

Are you ready to meet yourself in the Unknown?
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All of you are welcome here.