„I am in deep love with this practice and in awe to facilitate it in mentorship.“

I didn’t know I had this need myself. Until I was actually there. In a room full of beings, no one speaking a word, but simply laying there, breathing and feeling.

The same way we have inherited dance, movement and expression in tribe from our ancestors and shamanic lineages, we have also inherited the primal need for spaces where we can drop below the surface, to descend into the subtle realms of existence to listen and feel – TOGETHER.

Something profound happens when we do this. When we actually OPEN to ALLOW this space and its ancient wisdom the possibility of actualizing.
In my experience, when this happens, when a group of human beings comes together, with relaxed nervous systems, there is a deep heartfelt synchronization that happens.

Our bodies form a kind of energetic web of wisdom-in the softness and silence we finally have the ability listen to it.

Remember falling asleepin your lover's arms?

Or the amazing grace of having a baby melt into your chest?
Or talking deep into the night with your dearest friend … and the blessed relief of not needing to hold anything back?

Breathing, sounding on the outbreath and synchronizing the breath creates deep trust, love and surrendering.

Why I am so passionated about facilitating belly2belly? Well, here are a couple of deep insights:

I got out of my journey of teaching and practicing belly2belly. To guide this practice is a never ending learning. “How do I perceive the world? How I share my inner world with you, breathing in my space? How can I meet the needs of all the beings in the space or even can I?” Belly2belly is living it rather then doing or facilitating it. I become the energy which I am transmitting. And before each session I ask myself how I can access love right now to spread it from “me” into the space of “we”.

I always take my own body on a journey… I come from Surrendered Leadership. I invite you into getting myself regulated… into opening myself up, into learning about myself every single time. There is this deep sense of knowing what to do with a deep connection with my body. I am speaking to myself, my world, my sensations… to you… it is a mastery of regulating my emotions, and I always focus on love going into and leading this practice. This practice is extremely feminine, lead by intuition and influenced by every present moment… and it is masculine as well as I am holding space and creating this safe container of love like a Mother bear 🐻.

I become present and transmit presence… I don’t do healing for somebody else as healing comes from the love that is spread and shared in this breathing, sounding and synchronizing container. I don’t share with the participants what they should feel but I show them where to look for.

Facilitating belly2belly I am love, I transmit love, and we creating all together a field of love… infecting everyone in there with love in what way ever that might look like… as love is so needed in this world.

Deep breath.

This precious state of intimacy and connection is only a few breaths away

Belly2Belly is a profoundly simple partnered meditation practice that relaxes our bodies, opens our hearts, and puts all our fears to rest.

To meet the primordial human need to be together in silence, and allow the ancestral wisdom alive and available in our bodies to have the time and space to be heard, and deeply felt.”

We as well offer belly2belly evenings in our base in Germany and Costa Rica.

Feel free to reach out or have a look at our chapter „Retreats