INFUSION BOX – Vitamin C: Natural strength

High-dose vitamin C and all necessary materials as an all-in-one box

Each box contains high-quality vitamin C and, depending on the variant, additional vitamins, minerals and all the necessary accessories, all sorted and organised.

The infusion box „Vitamin C“ offers everything you need for an effective high-dose infusion: 7.5 g vitamin C, infusion line, transfer cannulas, the high-quality carrier solution Jonosteril, 5 ml syringes, draw-up cannulas and more; while benefiting from the advantages of a compact complete solution as well as the health benefits of the high-dose vitamin C, which strengthens the immune defence, promotes cell health and protects the body against oxidative stress.

Possible areas of application for infusions

A vitamin high-dose infusion is often used when sufficient intake of vitamins through the normal diet or oral food supplements is not possible – including various conditions such as unbalanced diet, chronic fatigue, chronic inflammation, acute and chronic infections, intestinal absorption disorders, reduced performance, increased fatigue and irritability, poor concentration, reduced resistance to infections, circulatory disorders.


High-dose vitamin C + B12 + B6 + B1 + magnesium + folic acid as all-in-one box

Our infusion box „Health“ has everything you need for the application of infusions. It serves as an organisational aid and is also suitable as a safe transport container. The box contains high-quality vitamins, minerals and all the necessary materials for intravenous treatment, clearly sorted and organised.

Facts and questions


High-dose infusions are extremely effective. They bypass the digestive tract and deliver the nutrients directly where they are needed – into the bloodstream. All nutrients are thus immediately usable by the body. Vitamin High Dose Infusion is often used when adequate intake of vitamins through the normal diet or oral supplements is not possible – e.g. for various conditions such as vitamin deficiencies, immune deficiency, chronic fatigue, stress, pain, to support general health and well-being.


Vitamin high-dose infusions may contain various vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin, B-complex (such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12), and other supplements. The exact composition of the infusion depends on the individual needs of the patient and is determined by a doctor or healthcare professional.


The intravenous administration of infusions proves to be extremely effective. By bypassing the digestive tract, it allows nutrients to be delivered directly into the bloodstream – exactly where they are needed. Through this method, all nutrients are optimised for 100% absorption and bioavailability, allowing them to be utilised by the body immediately.


The market for high-dose vitamin infusions (so-called vitamin drips) is growing steadily as more and more people want fast and effective results in terms of well-being and prevention. Doctors, alternative practitioners as well as specialised providers such as infusion centres and „drip bars“ are already meeting some of the needs of the changing health consciousness.


Dr. John Myers administered the first intravenous vitamin treatments in Baltimore in the 1970s. To this day, the „Myers Cocktail“ is prepared individually in pharmacies according to a doctor’s diagnosis. Nowadays, the vitamin C high-dose infusion, which is combined with vitamin B complex and folic acid if necessary, is available as a finished product in every pharmacy.